2016 Annual SEABIA /Eagle River Boy Scout Weekend

August 26, 27, 28: Meeting at Trailhead at 5:30 PM for walk into the camp...


All SEABIA Members and their Families are invited to come out and enjoy the weekend and participate in the camaraderie at this beautiful and serene camp. SEABIA has teamed up with the Boy Scouts over the past few years and the work that has been done in a weekend has been enjoyed by many people that use the camp throughout the year. SEABIA will be working on several maintenance items at the camp (please bring your personal tools if you plan to help with the maintenance items,  all materials will be supplied, but if you have materials that you would like to donate all items are appreciated). Please contact Greg 321-2350 or Victor 723-0141 for more info on the actual maintenance to be done. While working it will be a great chance to renew friendships, catch up on what has been happening with the members and their families and just enjoying the beautiful scenery that the camp has to offer.  If you have someone interested in joining SEABIA, this may be a great time to bring them along and let them see first-hand what SEABIA does for the community. What a great opportunity to rejuvenate and remember what SEABIA is all about and what it can be if we all participate and enjoy.


There are cabins to stay in if you plan to spend the weekend, bring sleeping bag, pillow and towel if you desire to use the showers. Food will be supplied by the Eagle River Boy Scout Camp, but please bring your own desired beverage as alcohol cannot be supplied by the camp. This is not just a work weekend, it is a fun family weekend, so bring your Family, come hang out and play, even if you just come out for Saturday Night Dinner and Bon-Fire, or Early Sunday Breakfast.


Eagle River Camp Maintenance Projects, 2016

Mac’s Shack

  • Replace broken stairs with 4-tread stairway.Near first aid room.

  • Add handrails on new stairway and ramp

  • Install roofing shingles on ramp to reduce slippery surface.

Shower house

  • Install aluminum grate decking between the two shower house buildings

  • Construct stairs at ends of wood decking where necessary on building closest to water pump house

  • Install stairs where required in aluminum decking area

  • Install handrails where required, necessary

Kitchen building

  • Remove and replace 6X6 support posts for overhang section at rear of kitchen building

  • Finish installing vent pipe in attic of kitchen building

Cliffside staff cabin

  • Disassemble staff cabin into pieces that can be moved easily

  • Salvage all lumber and roofing materials for later use

  • Move lumber and roofing away from eroding cliff

  • Store materials in dry location or under tarp covers