SEABIA 2020 Builder's Choice Awards Winners Announced!

Congrats to Joshua Campbell - winner of the SEABIA 2020 Builder’s Choice Awards for the Best Bathroom

Joshua Campbell Before.png
Joshua Campbell After.png

Wanting to transform the bathroom into something that feels luxurious, Josh hit the mark! The bathroom was gutted and completely redone in a short 8 weeks. The designer used all locally sourced materials prior to the job and designed the bathroom with what was on hand. The white subway tiles on the wall in a herringbone pattern with black grout and black subway tiles placed vertically with white grout makes the bathroom pop. Faux wood tile flooring and mixed metals bring warmth to the bathroom, while keeping up with a modern, luxurious feel. This bathroom now feels fit for a mansion, despite being only 120 square feet. Congratulations Joshua Campbell!

Congrats to Alan Wilson - winner of the SEABIA 2020 Builder’s Choice Awards for the Best Energy Efficient Retrofit Remodel

Alan Wilson Before.png
Alan Wilson After.png

With the objective to repurpose a fire damaged house into a green, clean, modern home in city center, Alan completed this massive renovation in under a year. The immense renovation included the demolition of a fire damaged roof and waterlogged house. He added a new floor and seismic upgrades amid the process. Though there was more rot than anticipated, scheduling delays due to COVID, and the lot being small and steep causing a challenge to store materials, Alan overcame these obstacles marvelously. Within the 4,500 square foot home, Alan introduced corrugated metal, three form acrylic panels, and IPE wood accents to showcase a more modern feel. Congratulations Alan Wilson!