Victor Banaszak

VRB Construction, LLC


My name is Victor Banaszak and I recently became the President of the Southeast Alaska Building Industry Association.  I was born and raised in Southeast Alaska and feel there are few places in the world I would rather have grown up.  I have always appreciated the small-town mentality where everyone knows everyone, and you can count on a neighbor to help in times of need. 


I grew up in the building industry and at age 13 began working summers and weekends with my father who owns a flooring company.  He taught me to be an honest and quality tradesman.  He taught me when you get a call because someone has water pouring through their ceiling, or an older couple has a snow-berm to shovel, you don’t hesitate to help.   Throughout my teen years we traveled to Dallas, Seattle, Anchorage, and other places to get custom training and certifications in multiple areas of the trade.  At age 18 I decided I was tired of my knees always hurting and started to work for a construction company building custom homes. (FYI—At age 76 my father is still on his knees installing flooring!) Then in 2003 I started VRB Construction and have enjoyed being a contractor in the Juneau community ever since. 


I heard about The Southeast Alaska Building Industry Association a few years ago from one of the past presidents.  He urged me to join because of the professional benefits:  It helped legitimize my company.  It gives clients a degree of comfort knowing they are using a builder that is endorsed by other builders.  SEABIA also gave me access to other companies I could network with and could benefit from: their resources, ideas, labor, etc. When joining SEABIA, my contact information was published in the Association directory. This in turn gave me access to clients who were looking for good builders and has rewarded my company with job opportunities including a contract to build a custom home.  


During the past two years, I was appointed to the Alaska State Home Builders Board of Directors (ASHBA) which has been very educational to me regarding the effort of the State Homebuilders to support what we are doing as contractors.   The state board has been laboring intensely to promote the building industry and create better economic environments for the trades.  Even though it isn’t always obvious, ASHBA has helped drive legislation which ultimately benefits our trade.



The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) also provides strong support for SEABIA.  NAHB has a significant catalog of resources that we in business can access.  I have enjoyed talking with NAHB Field Representatives who have come to Juneau and helped SEABIA with organizational plans, membership benefits, etc.  They have been happy to send any info needed regarding training as well as other areas of concern.  Members can take classes and earn certifications in areas such as project management, estimating, basic contract law, green building, home sales, etc.   Another NAHB benefit comes with the rebates and discounts that many companies offer if you are a member.  Corporations in car sales, car rentals, travel, shipping, material suppliers… the list goes on…all provide significant discounts to members of the Home Builders Associations. 


I joined SEABIA because I loved being a part of an organization of members that had many of the same interests and needs as I.  I felt a camaraderie with the friends I already knew in the business as well as the many new friends I made along the way.  Networking with others in the business helped to make me a better builder and business owner.  I joined the Board because I felt it was time to give back. During my term, I would like to focus on uniting our builders and associates in a more proactive way through more membership events, social occasions and civic volunteering.  No one can do this alone.  It will take all of us working together.  Let’s make our membership in the Southeast Building Industry Association something we can continue to be proud of!




Victor Banaszak


Southeast Building Industry Association