Accepting Nominations for 2020 Annual Meeting

2019 Award Winners

Rich Peterson has been one of the most consistent producers over the years in Juneau.  Lowpete Construction have found a niche in the market where people can get into a well designed houses for an affordable price.  You almost can’t drive down a street in Juneau without seeing their stamp on the housing market.

Lowpete Construction

Rich Peterson

Builder of the Year

Rich Harris has made his mark in Juneau as well, with commercial buildings, subdivisions etc.  He has led the industry in a new concept of detached condominiums that enables buyers to have the benefits of a new single family home at the price of a condo.   This hasn’t been easy as there have been some major road blocks throughout the process but he continues to better the community with his projects. 

RH Development

Rich Harris

Big Builder of the Year

Valley Paint has been around for a long time, originally working out of a humble little building on Glacier Highway, but has been an important part of construction in Juneau.  Valley Paint has generously served the community over the years with monetary support, volunteer work,  etc.   They bring quality and affordability to the Juneau building market while just as important, bring a high level of expertise and product knowledge to home owners and builders alike.

Valley Paint

Charlie Williams

Construction Supplier of the Year

AEL&P has been a key player in Juneau since the beginning.   Programs involving children all the way up to the City and Borough of Juneau have benefitted from their generosity and active role.  SEABIA has been honored to have one of their own as a board member for years.  And others have helped with our Home Show Committee in the past.  Without them our town would be a dark place to live!


Alec Mesdag

Associate of the Year

Dwight Robidoux has been building for a very long time.  His name is synonymous with Home Builders and quality building in our community.  It is tough to be in this trade for multiple decades and Dwight has managed to do that and still maintain a respectable name doing it!  He has brought respect and pride to the construction trades.  On behalf of the board of directors and the members of SEABIA, We'd like to thank him for his contribution to the community over the years.


B&R Construction

Dwight Robidoux

Lifetime Builder Award

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